Michelle Bennett

Web design - Interaction design - UX design - Front-end Development

About me

I’ve been told that I am creative and technical many times. I cherish these qualities; they make me who I am. I enjoy using my technical insight to create. At the Design Academy I refined my creativity though industrial design. At the Fontys (ICT and Media Design) I learned new skills that allow me to create and design in digital media. These skills and talents combined create new insights and possibilities. On this site is a collection of my work from the design academy and the Fontys ICT and Media Design.

ICT & Media Design Portfolio

Or IMD as it is known at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. This is my portfolio from IMD, it is a combination of ICT, design and communication. I leaned a wide variety of skills such as; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, 3d modeling, video editing, demographic research, trend watching, front-end web development, interaction designer, media and web strategy, app development and more. To find out more about the study go to http://fontys.nl/hbo-ict-media-design/.
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Flash game Space Bugs made with actionscript.

Smart phone for the elderly.

3D environment made flash, actionscript and Away3D.

Online Virtual world for surfers, Beach live.

OpenEindhoven.nl open data portal.

3D modeling made with 3DS Max.

Infographics, maps of Eindhoven by foot or by bus.

Interactive wall demo built with Pure data and Gem.

Commercial, euphoria perfume.

Intuitive alarm clock, wakeup experience.

Promotional film for a local sport.

Short animation, duck hunt.

Two promotional films for Regiotechniek.

Design Academy Portfolio

At The Design Academy I concentrated on Industrial design making things like lighting, coffee maker, radio, shoes…. After the design academy adding web development to my skills felt like the next logical step. I still love industrial design and am now concentrating on Media design and build a web site or how to bring a new product on to the market. Below is my portfolio from my time at the design academy. This is a larger higher quality link to my Digital Design Academy PDF Portfolio and is the same content as on this page.

Design Academy PDF Portfolio


Eindhoven, NL

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